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When Traitors become Martyrs, Nationalists become ‘Hooligans’

The JNU imbroglio hurt me too. I felt provoked as if a lunatic smacked my mom and made her bleed. Given below is what I wrote in my journal when India-bashing was at its peak at some of the educational institutions.
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It was to Afzal Guru’s discomfiture that the Indian security forces thwarted his bid to raze the Parliament down. I could still remember Promod Mahajan hurriedly runs along the corridors of the Parliament with worried looks. He was so scared of what was happening around him.

There were human losses in the terrorist attack. But still, Guru might have been disgusted of his not being able to bring more anarchy to the Parliament as planned. He would have been even cheerful at the time of hanging, had he known that a herd of misguided young men would come soon, resurrect him from his grave and glorify him a martyr. Sure, we have in our midst such prats; such a bunch of devil worshippers.

I know Guru is dead and gone. But the breed of saboteurs, he left behind is still at work. They are onto his agenda to finish the work he started. Their infiltration into the highest seats of the country’s learning can vouchsafe what they are after.

Their purpose is not to bring mayhem to the University campuses through a series of bomb blasts. But, they engage themselves in doing more abominable act than physically wrecking the educational institutions they encroach. Yes, they begin tinkering youngsters there, sowing wild oats in their minds and turning them potential dangers to the nation’s sovereignty.

That is why we see a cluster of ill-advised young chaps at the JNU and other Varsities sing paeans to Afzal Guru and his ilk and heap indignities on their motherland. The bizarre slogans shouted against India at the JNU is not a freak incident, but a well-planned campaign. Thus the fringe who indulge in anti-country antics transform traitors into martyrs; anarchists into heroes.

This may be due to the handiwork of infiltrators. But what I cannot understand is, can indoctrination can go to such an extent of making innocent students a bundle of jerks? Can it make them slight their homeland and kiss the feet of terrorists? Yes, it did and would do if the nation is not on its guard.

Pitifully, anti-govt media and some revisionist ideologues defend the students’ sloganeering saying they are only exercising their right to speak and it is not an affront to India’s unity.
It is still puzzling to know why the opposition parties are silent over such campus fracas. Why don’t they condemn the smear campaign carried against the nation at the JNU during a cultural programme? Tragically, the granny Congress too – they ruled the country for a hell of time and knows what unity means to India – is not getting provoked by such anti-India tirade. May be, the party looks at this issue as fodder for their guns always trained against the ruling BJP.

Comrades, left or right, would always like to grind their own axes in the Indian political arena. I hear them shrill, too on the JNU issue. But, it is not to pull up the students for their backstabbing the nation. Nor for their singing hallelujah to the terrorists. They hop on the campus turmoil only to defend their students’ unions who are said to be accomplices to the anti-national fringe.

Berserk goes the media, especially those of the visual ones. Wedded to sensationalism, their primary concern is to either retain or expand their share of viewership. So, it becomes necessary for them to pitch in themselves against the ruling party come what may. So, when a herd of students heap indignities on India at the JNU, they manufacture their own version of the episode. They call people hooligans, Modi toadies, Patriotic freaks who condemn the fringe for throwing invectives at the nation.

The intellectuals also go wayward and buy the media’s rubbish. Their phobia against the ruling party make them invent a series of reasons to justify students adoring terrorists and maligning India. Their hostility to the govt is so strong that they don’t see the elephant in the room.

And that is the story of nationalists becoming hooligans. Anti- govt turkeys still continue to hound them for not towing their lines on JNU’s hoopla. No conscientious Indian will buy their ‘right to speech’ stuff. For, we know they lean on Constitution only to save those who are out to destroy India. We also know the social and political philosophy they teach reeks of despicable anti-nationalism.

The Delhi HC has since granted bail to Kanhaiya Kumar. He is now back to the JNU. Thanks to the efforts of a callous media, he is now a cult figure. Writers of substance vie with one another in giving him a halo of heroship.

Though I get upset seeing the nation celebrating his release from the jail, my spirit of nationalism gets emboldened when I read the remarks of the Hon’ble Judge while giving bail to Kanhaiya.

Excerpts from the judgment:

 “Freedom of speech guaranteed to the citizens of this country under the Constitution of India has enough room for every citizen to follow his own ideology or political affiliation within the framework of our constitution. While dealing with the bail application of the petitioner, it has to be kept in mind by all concerned that they are enjoying this freedom only because our borders are guarded by our armed and paramilitary forces. Our forces are protecting our frontiers in the most difficult terrain in the world i.e. Siachen Glacier or Rann of Kutch.”

“The thoughts reflected in the slogans raised by some of the students of JNU who organized and participated in that programme cannot be claimed to be protected as fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression. I consider this as a kind of infection from which such students are suffering which needs to be controlled/cured before it becomes an epidemic,”

 “”Raising anti-national slogans do have the effect of threatening national integrity. The kind of slogans raised may have demoralizing effect on the family of those martyrs who returned home in a coffin draped in the tricolor, the Judge observed.”

Jai Hind

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  1. The present trend in the universities is alarming..!

  2. You Sir, have written an extremely hard-hitting and relevant article, and covered all the points which are in the minds of common people with common sense, but which they cannot articulate.

    Afzal Guru was a terrorist and religious fundamentalist. And anyone who supports him is automatically by definition a terrorist, or a moron or both.

    In terms of the orchestrated nature of anti-India attack, I will refer you to a video by an ex-KGB who was based out of Delhi who says:
    a. this anti-India leftist indoctrination of India started 50 years ago
    b. it takes 25 years to brainwash a generation
    c. top academia of JNU/ DU and other institutes were knowingly/ unknowingly on the payroll of KGB

    With the collapse of communist Russia, Saudi backed Islamists and Church-backed Ford Foundation has taken over the mantle of breaking India.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post!

    Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay
    Survey of Indian Mathematics over the Ages

    1. Thanks a lot. You add a volley of info

    2. Thanks a lot. You add a volley of info